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Yesterday was the first time ever a videogame left me completely exhausted. Some time ago, I had sent Turbine a proposal for their official line of sponsored Summer Fun events in LotRO - which was accepted! \o/ So yesterday, zhie, lalaith_raina and I found ourselves the hosts of the Marvelous Maquerade, which got a much, much bigger turnout than we had hoped for, with the biggest part completely new faces instead of just the "usual" crowd of RPers on Imladris, which was just amazing! So many people who wanted to come and compete in the competition of trying to look as beautiful as Ellonur the Most Amazing and Gorgeous! \o/

Sadly, of course, no one managed that impossible feat, but the ones who got closest in 6 categories won a prize. And there were a lot of really detailed and amazing costumes!

Nevertheless, it was very obvious who was the true Star of the Show! Ellonur wore his gorgeous purple horse costume - and yes, I got convinced to hand over the 70$ for the preorder of the Legendary Edition of Riders of Rohan the moment I saw the first screenshot of the cloak of the Equine. :D

This is how Ell will ride into Rohan in the fall. <3 He hears they like horses there, so what better outfit to wear when it comes to racing across the plains on his new warsteed? I mean - it has ears, and a mane, and a tail! <3



And here he is in his full horsie glory - click to enlarge:


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