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Feb 8-17: Smut Swap Nominations
Feb 18-19: Smut Swap Nomination Cleanup
Feb 20-29: Smut Swap Signups
Feb 24-31: Les Mis Big Bang Writers check-in
Mar 3: Smut Swap Assignments sent by this date
March 13, 21:30 GMT: Porn Battle Prompting Starts
March 18, 23:30 GMT: Porn Battle Prompting Stops
March 20, 21:30 GMT: Porn Battle Posting Starts
Mar 27: Les Mis Big Bang Rough drafts and summaries due (at least 50% complete)
March 29, 22:30 GMT: Porn Battle Posting Stops
Mar 29: Les Mis Big Bang Summaries go live for artists to browse
Apr 1: Les Mis Big Bang Artist claims open
Apr 7: Les Mis Big Bang Artist claims round 2 open
Apr 16: Smut Swap Assignments Due
Apr 21-28: Les Mis Big Bang Writers and artist check-in
Apr 23: Smut Swap Work Reveals
April 30: Smut Swap Creator Reveals
May 14: Les Mis Big Bang Claims for posting dates open
May 28: Les Mis Big Bang Posting starts!
June 13: Les Jours Assignments Due
June 20: Les Jours Gifts Revealed
June 24: Les Jours Creators Revealed

Trick or Treat

Dear writer/artist,

DW ate the first version of this letter, so I have to apologize because this is going to get somewhat shorter. On the other hand, this is meant to be a low pressure exchange, and I really want you to have fun with whatever you end up creating! So in case none of the prompts in my sign-up appeal, here is a list of more general likes/tropes/kinks. I'd be more than happy to receive a story or artwork based on any of this, even if it's not something I listed as a prompt. Furthermore, I ship all of the people I requested, but I'm well aware that not everyone ships these characters or that we might only match on one character. So even though I listed several shippy prompts, I'd be just as happy with non-shippy fic/art that just has my faves interact, or character-focused fic/art that explores their canon lives some more!

Les Misérables
Jean Valjean, Javert
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Rivers of London
Peter Grant, Thomas Nightingale
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Rum Tum Tugger, Mr. Mistoffelees
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Do not want: horror, gore, mpreg, modern/mundane AU
Dislikes: These are not actual squicks, but in general wingfic, kidfic, selfcest are tropes that just don't work for me.

General likes:

  • Forced intimacy of any kind! This is one of my all-time faves, in any sort of situation or scenario. People thrust into closeness before they are ready for it and forced to overcome their differences is always delightful to me. Any tropefic of the handcuffed-togther, bed-sharing, undercover gay, arranged marriage etc. kind is always going to make me happy!
  • Huddling for warmth
  • One character trying to protect another with their own life (or really any sort of loyalty kink!)
  • Enemies forced to work together
  • Epistolary fic
  • Hand-feeding
  • Hot, sweltering summer days/nights
  • Bathing/washing - especially if one character is taking care of another
  • Casefic, or any sort of action/adventure scenario where characters have to work together
  • Enemies to friends to lovers
  • Enemy hatesex
  • Emotional vulnerability
  • Unhealthy/co-dependent relationships
  • A character surrendering himself

I'm (more than) fine with dub-con/non-con, unhealthy relationships, any kind of D/s, BDSM, power play or pain play - I usually feel awkward to explicitly ask for these things in exchanges but if you want to write me pretty much any kink, please feel free to! I've listed a ton of kinks and (non-sexual) tropes I love in this post.

Entry originally posted to DW: http://esteliel.dreamwidth.org/453686.html (comment count unavailablecomments). Comments are welcome in either place.

NYC September 2016

Time for a little recap post before I forget everything... I've already been back for a week, which seems impossible. I miss the Imperial. :(

Since I'd got a good deal, I was flying with Air Berlin this time and wow, their food was terrible. I'm not very picky when it comes to these things, but... wow, it really wasn't good. I had to take the train to Hamburg to then fly from there with a stopover in DUS to JFK, and had I been smarter I would have realized that I could have booked a direct flight from TXL for the exact same price, but ah well. Next time. (Though I'm not particularly out to experience Air Berlin again...)

Anyway, after a flight where I watched the only 3 out of the only 25 movies they had on offer that interested me, I made it out of JFK in record time and to Columbus Circle by... 9pm? Maybe?[personal profile] miss_morland arrived 5 minutes after I'd checked in so that was perfect. :D I can't really remember what happened that evening... I think we quickly grabbed some food and went to bed and the next morning at 6am, I was greeted by my old friend jetlag. _-_

Anyway, getting up early meant time for breakfast in Central Park enjoying the sunshine and watching all the dogs out to play, which was a wonderful beginning to this trip.

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Entry originally posted to DW: http://esteliel.dreamwidth.org/453534.html (comment count unavailablecomments). Comments are welcome in either place.


FIC: The Protégé [Les Misérables]

The Protégé (5805 words) by Esteliel
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Chabouillet/Javert
Characters: Javert (Les Misérables), Chabouillet (Les Misérables)
Additional Tags: Hand Jobs, office politics, Blow Jobs, Power Imbalance, Sugar Daddy Chabouillet, First Meetings

Chabouillet had long held to the belief that one could train a mutt just as well as a hound of the finest lineage. If the instinct was true, all that was needed was the firm hand of the master.

His eyes lingered on the straight back, the severe face, the neatly tied hair, the polished brass buttons gleaming on the cheap wool.

There was a hound just waiting for the hand of an appreciative master if he had ever seen one.


I think that was the last fic I missed, so I'm all caught up here again. Apart from the fact, of course, that the slavefic has now grown to ~33k and is only about 1/3rd done. It would be great if I could manage to finish it this year, but given the upcoming exchanges - the Valvert porn exchange, Yuletide, Trick or Treat - and the fact that so far, I've managed to write a Christmas fic every year, somehow I doubt that plan will work out. /o\

RL-wise, there are only 10 days left until I will finally hop onto a plane to JFK again, to spend 7 glorious nights in Manhattan seeing ALL the theatre (the very final show of Les Mis, catching Fun Home again before it closes, The Color Purple, Fiddler on the Roof, Cats, The Humans and we'll see what else looks appealing). Even better, I'll be meeting lots of friends and spending lots and lots of time with [personal profile] miss_morland and [personal profile] cinaed (talking about cock cages over wine? :P).

(Also maybe this will be the first vacation in the past two years from which I won't bring home a cold? That would be nice.)

I would love to see the new Hamilton cast as well, but I refuse to pay more than face value for tickets. Also London Hamilton will start ticket sales soon, so there's that...

Entry originally posted to DW: http://esteliel.dreamwidth.org/453375.html (comment count unavailablecomments). Comments are welcome in either place.
In the Rue Mondétour (1463 words) by Esteliel
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Javert/Jean Valjean
Characters: Javert (Les Misérables), Jean Valjean
Additional Tags: Barricade Day, Dirty Talk, Verbal Humiliation, Guns

Valjean wants Javert to leave the barricade. Javert would rather get shot.

Written for Barricade Day (my third in this fandom! How is time passing so quickly).


Entry originally posted to DW: http://esteliel.dreamwidth.org/452928.html (comment count unavailablecomments). Comments are welcome in either place.

London July 2016

So on to my July London trip (yeah, I'm in London a lot this year... /o\)

This happened solely because Ramin announced that he was playing a show at the London Palladium, so of course had to go and buy a ticket the minute they went on sale. (Said sale turned out so chaotic that I ended up with two tickets because I really wanted a VIP ticket which sold out immediately only to become available again half an hour later when I'd alreay bought a normal Stalls ticket, sigh.)

The things I will do for this man. Oh well, trips to London are never a bad idea. I booked my plane tickets so late this time that it was impossible to find cheap direct flights, so I had to deal with a layover in Vienna. Gave me some time to hunt for Pokemon at the airport though!

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Entry originally posted to DW: http://esteliel.dreamwidth.org/452857.html (comment count unavailablecomments). Comments are welcome in either place.


London June 2016

I don't think I ever posted about my June trip - I was flying to Heathrow instead of Stansted this time. In and out of terminal 5 in 5 minutes (yay chipped EU passports), which was so nice I've made sure to go with Heathrow again for my next 2 trips. (Lately Stansted keeps annoying me with delays every single time. >.<) And I was staying right in Soho directly on Dean Street, which was so nice and convient I've rebooked that place as well for my next two trips this year. A 2 minute walk to the Queen's - all I'm really asking for from my London accommodation.

This trip was for the Les Mis cast change, booked when I was pretty sure due to the hints Lockyer had dropped on twitter that he was leaving, but no, we kept our Valjean and Javert. So it wasn't a very emotional cast change for me, except for Bradley Jaden leaving whose Enjolras I've always adored. It was a very sad year Enjolras-wise as both of my faves were leaving. As I really don't care about Amis at all, that now leaves me with nothing to look forward to in Amis scenes either in the West End or on Broadway. :(

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The Faerie Archive has moved

Sorry this took so long, I basically had to backup this entire thing by hand which - don't ever do that. It kills both brain cells and your wrist. /o\

Anyway, Faerie is now back at the new domain http://faerie-archive.com!

Faerie - Maintenance

Hi, after some trouble with the hoster Faerie is currently back online, but in maintenance mode as I try and move it to a different hoster to avoid similar problems in the future. While it's in maintenance mode you won't be able to access the fics unfortunately. I assume that it's going to take me about a week to get everything moved and set up again! I'm sorry for all the trouble, but I really don't want to stay with the current hoster after this mess.

Write Every Day! May - Final Tally

(Previous post: Day #1, Day #2, Day #3, Day #4, Day #5, Day #6, Day #7, Day #8, Day #9, Day #10, Day #11, Day #12, Day #13, Day #14, Day #15, Day #16, Day #17, Day #18, Day #19, Day #20, Day #21, Day #22, Day #23, Day #24, Day #25, Day #26, Day #27, Day #28, Day #29, Day #30, Day #31)

And here it is, the final tally for the month! navaan is hosting us again in June. :)

I keep feeling like I should have done more, but actually my wordcount this month was pretty good - it was just that some things turned out longer/took more time than I thought they would. Still, I got quite a few things finished, and I'm very happy there is only one single exchange deadline left!

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Day #29: navaan, trobadora, miss_morland, avon, plaid_slytherin and me (6 out of 8 so far)
Day #30: navaan, trobadora, miss_morland, avon, plaid_slytherin, afrozenflowerr and me (7 out of 8 so far)
Day #31: navaan, trobadora, miss_morland, avon, afrozenflowerr and me (6 out of 8 so far)

Let me know if I missed you or you wrote something, but haven't checked-in yet! Likewise, feel free to join in at any time!